Monday, February 4, 2013

Random Thoughts on Oneness

So I'm hanging out alone today
all is quiet on the porch
good time for thinking
for reflecting
for soul searching
trying to answer big questions
where did I come from
where am I going
is there life after death
does God exist
are we all connected

Hmm. . . are we all connected?

I've heard about universal laws
but I didn't really know what they were
so I looked them up

I'm not sure I found a "universal" definition
but from what I read
it's now my understanding
that there is a belief by some
that our universe
is sort of held together by these rules
that are absolute
never changing

And these laws dictate
how the universe functions
without instruction
without enforcement
without oversight

There appears to be several
universal laws
according to those
who hold this belief

And while there are
or appear to be
some variances
each source I viewed
seemed to agree
that at least one
universal law
was in fact 

The law of oneness

Which basically means
that the entire universe
and everything in it
is connected
is one

Trees, oceans, rivers, mountains,
suns, moons, planets, stars,
humans, plants, animals,
yes, even parasites,
viruses, rocks and fire
every living and non-living thing
is connected
is one

So these fine folks
would be connected to

these lil beauties

this ugly critter (which is a flower by the way)

these festive folks

   this slice of heaven  

and this

Is there truth to this
is it real
I'll be the first to admit
that believing I am one
with a roach
or a rat
or a flea
is a little hard

to wrap my mind around

Probably because I don't like
and fleas

And if I am connected
with critters such as these
then I have responsibility
to treat them well
like I myself

I've never much considered
treating a rock, stream or stick

perhaps that is the point

Whether this universal law
is real
or truth
may matter
not one little bit

If believing it is
causes folks to be kind and handle with care
mere things
that feel nothing


Can you even imagine
how well
we'd then treat
living and breathing
and child

For me this universal law
sort of gives new meaning to
Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self

What about you
do you believe all things are connected

What evidence exists
or against
this belief

Thanks for stopping by
and spending time
on the porch


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