Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Dream

NPR does this thing called Storycorps or maybe it's Storyboard or maybe it's. . . oh gosh, I'm having a senior moment and can't now recall the name of the show.  In any event, it's interesting, it's fascinating and it's entertaining.  Why?  Because it's a way for folks to share their human-ness.  Share their stories.  Share who they are and how they got that way.  I love it!  And it got me to thinking, why isn't there more of that sort of thing?  Look around.  The world is huge and it's populated by billions? trillions? gazillions? of folks who are similar but at the same time different.  All of us has a story to tell.  My story will not be the same as yours or my neighbor's or my co-worker's or a complete stranger's living 2000 miles away.  It just won't.  While all people are born looking similar to one another, it's their life, their experiences, their beliefs, their values, their lessons learned that make them unique.  And that's what this little blog is about.  It's about me interviewing people from all walks of life - getting "their story" - and then sharing it here with you.  Why?  Why am I doing this?  Because it matters.  People matter.  What they have to say matters.  From one another, we learn, we grow, we evolve.  I don't speak the "King's English", and I don't write it either.  So I must ask you to forgive me my mistakes.  This blog is not about how well I write or don't write.  Again, it's about people.  Human, fallible people.  I hope to make this blog a nice mixture of fascinating people, fascinating stories and pictures that probably won't be fascinating but will hopefully be at least not-too-out-of-focus. Yeah!  We all enjoy pictures, right?  Right!  

About the blog name?  For those that might be curious. . . 

When I was just a kid, I spent summers at my aunt's farm.  Like many, her quaint lil farmhouse had a front porch. . . with a swing.  Gawd how I loved that swing.  I could sit and swing (or not) for hours just looking out at the pasture and cows and chickens and dogs and cats and birds, and it was always. . . heaven.  Peaceful.  Beautiful.  Still.  It gave me a warm, safe feeling on the inside.  The world seemed far away yet close enough that I still felt connected.  Every day "someone" would stop by.  Whether it was a relative or neighbor or preacher or even a stranger.  Someone stopped by and that someone always ended up on the front porch with my aunt or uncle or both. And the adults would sit and chat over a cup of coffee about childhood adventures, current issues and/or what the future might bring.  And this kiddo would sit and observe these adults while believing in her heart that there wasn't a thing - not a single-solitary-thing - that couldn't be fixed sipping a cup of coffee, chatting with a friendly face, while sitting on an old porch swing.  I believed it then and I believe it now.

So welcome to my front porch.  The one with a swing.  I hope you'll always find good things here.  And I hope you'll always leave a piece of yourself (you know, down in the comments section) to be shared with others.   Remember, your words matter.  They do.

                                                                                                             ~ Quinn

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